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Billionaire Tom Steyer. Image: Gage Skidmore

Why Democrats Need to Be Careful About Dismissing Billionaires (and Their Money)

Watching last night’s Democratic debate, I was struck by how often the issue of billionaire donations came up. Of course, I’m not at all surprised by this development. The issue of who takes donations from billionaires — and in what circumstances — has become something of a litmus test in this campaign. After all, who can forget the infamous “wine cave” fiasco, in which Elizabeth Warren took Mayor Pete quite thoroughly to task for his willingness to cozy up to big-time donors. A similar discussion took place on the debate stage Friday night, and once again it was Mayor Pete who was taking the most fire.

Ph.D. in English | Film and TV geek | Lover of fantasy and history | Full-time writer | Feminist and queer | Liberal scold and gadfly

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