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Announcing a New Project: Omnivorous, My Substack Newsletter

Hello, readers and followers! I wanted to share some very exciting news with you. I’ve started a newsletter, Omnivorous, over on Substack.

As the title suggests, Omnivorous focuses on all of the things that you’ve come to expect from me here on Medium: political, social, and cultural commentary with a decidedly queer bent. Think of it as daily conversations with your favorite flamboyantly gay English professor.

To be clear, if you sign up for my newsletter over on Substack, you won’t be getting duplicate content. Instead, several times a week you’ll be getting original writing in the form of 1–2 long-ish essays (usually around 1500–2000 words and focusing on the politics and culture of both the past and the present) and 2–3 shorter pieces (usually either columns addressing a recent political issue or a review of a film, TV show, or book I particularly enjoyed).

Right now, all of my content there is free. However, there is also a paid subscription option. Subscription rates are $5/month or $50 /year, though you can also pay $100 and become a founding member.

Why pay, you ask? Well, because your money will help me write the best content that I can for your reading pleasure. Who doesn’t like quality commentary, right?

I’ll still be writing up a storm here on Medium, of course, but I do hope that some of you will join me over on Substack.

Thanks for reading!

Ph.D. in English | Film and TV geek | Lover of fantasy and history | Full-time writer | Feminist and queer | Liberal scold and gadfly

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