The media’s obsession with blaming Biden reveals how broken journalism has become in the post-Trump era.

If they want to win in 2022 (and 2024), Democrats are going to have to learn to play hard ball.

But they also have to offer more to voters in order to win the midterms.

And we’ve got to do something before its final act destroys all of us.

We all have to do our part to make sure that faith in our elections and our democracy remain strong.

The heightened state of political anger in this country simply cannot go on, and it’s up to all of us to lower the temperature.

The fault isn’t in the late Justice; it’s in all of us.

Their response to the Afghanistan withdrawal verges on the hysterical.

The site’s pornography ban saga illustrates how power works in the new world of content creation.

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan necessitates some soul searching about America’s foreign policy writ large.

Dr. Thomas J. West III

Ph.D. in English | Film and TV geek | Lover of fantasy and history | Full-time writer | Feminist and queer | Liberal scold and gadfly

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